Loan Web 2017 how to get loan terms

Among the organizations that are not full-fledged banks, the Web loan holds a leading position. In this MFO, almost everyone will be able to receive the required amount for a certain period and quickly enough. The company provides services for issuing microloans in rubles throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

From the client (borrower) required the correct application, a few minutes of free time and a Russian passport. Further it will be described exactly how this service works.

Web loan – conditions and interest rate 2018

Web loan - conditions and interest rate 2018

The advantage over the bank is the simplified conditions of registration. Almost every applicant can get a small loan here. In 2018, this MFI did not significantly change the conditions. The rules for applying and the interest rate remained unchanged.

Today, a loan in this MFI can be obtained at a fixed interest rate of 2% per day. Such an interest rate, under the terms of the MFI, will decrease by several values ​​with each new circulation. Unlike a bank, it is not supposed to provide a large package of documents. All that is required here for a loan is the age and internal Russian passport that meets the requirements of the MFI.

After filing the application and its approval, you can get up to 5 thousand rubles. Under the terms of the MFI, the maximum term for such a loan is no more than 30 days. If the funds fail to return in time, then you can use the service of prolongation. Its cost will be proportional to the interest rate previously set.

Documents for processing a loan in the Web loan

Unlike the bank where a voluminous package of documents is requested, in this MFO the application is made only on one passport. When filling out the questionnaire, the applicant should accurately indicate the data from the passport. Regardless of the size of the loan and other conditions, the provision of any additional documents in the described MFI is not provided.

Web loan online loan application

Immediately, we note that filing an application in this MFO is possible only in remote form. Unlike a conditional bank, you cannot come here and receive the necessary funds. Everything goes completely online. This is the only way to date.

An application for a loan should be submitted only through the official website of the Web loan. Primary conditions are assigned by the applicant independently. You must specify the amount of interest and the appropriate dates, and then use the button “arrange a loan.” After that, the system will redirect the user to fill out a special online form.

It will be possible to receive funds only after its full completion – in each field only actual information should be indicated. If the MFI finds any inconsistencies, then the funds will not work. The interest rate is announced immediately after the approval of the loan. But in most cases, the interest rate will be the original 2% per day. Much more than in a bank, but this is something like a pay for speed.

Web loan online

Web loan online

Web loan, like most MFIs, offers to get the required funds on the card. In this case, the card is suitable for any Russian bank. The only rule is that it should be personal. Web loan does not provide loans for non-name cards of any banks.

A similar rule applies in every MFI. It is necessary for the primary identification of the applicant, which is impossible to do with debit cards. Moreover, there should be at least a small amount of funds on the balance sheet. Before the transfer of the loan will be held a trial withdrawal of a small amount. This will help to establish the fact of finding the card with its owner, that is – there is no goal to commit fraudulent actions.

Web loan card urgently without failures

Getting money in any MFI is easy. Unlike banks, a positive decision is made on the majority of incoming calls. But neither the Web loan, nor any other MFI or bank works completely without failures. Otherwise it would contradict the very nature of lending. However, the percentage of failures in the Web loan is significantly lower.

The most common reasons for refusal are: non-occurrence in the age range – 18-65 years old and lack of Russian citizenship. Less often, failures are associated with errors when filling out a questionnaire and with a bad credit history of the applicant. Therefore, in order to receive funds here, it is enough just to meet the most minimal requirements. In any bank there are much more restrictions and requirements for applicants.

Web Loan Reviews

Web loan, despite its popularity, often receives negative reviews from customers and applicants. First of all, they are connected with a high interest rate – 2% even by the standards of microlending are extremely disadvantageous. In a number of organizations, almost any applicant can receive money as part of a better offer.

Even if the bank refused, and funds are required urgently, the best option would be 1-1.5% per day. It is recommended to resort to percents exceeding this value only in the most extreme cases. However, such proposals are in considerable demand.