Urgent loan without checks? It’s real!


The process of obtaining a loan is strongly associated with a long and often complex procedure of checks and approvals on the credit committee in the bank. But everyone wants to get a loan quickly and with a guarantee of issuance. In banking institutions, this effect is practically from the realm of science fiction, but there are private financial companies.

We provide our borrowers with funds from private investors and set the rules for issuance that are loyal to our customers.

What is needed to get a loan without checks and refusals?

What is needed to get a loan without checks and refusals?

   First of all, you should prepare a small package of documents:

  • Your passport (we give out money only to citizens).
  • Your TIN.
  • Documents proving your ownership of the property that you provide as collateral.

We do not require you to provide a certificate of income: in Ukraine, a large number of citizens work informally or receive official salaries below real income, so we do not check the sources of income.

What can act as a guarantee?

What can act as a guarantee?

The simplest and most profitable solution is a loan secured by real estate. This can be any type of real estate, from an apartment or a private house to commercial real estate or land. Our company is ready to provide you a loan, even on the security of distressed real estate. In addition, we work not only with individuals, but also with companies: to get a quick loan on bail, you just need to contact our managers and clarify the list of documents of a legal entity necessary for lending.

The conditions for a quick and trouble-free loan are very simple and beneficial:

  • A loan is granted in the amount of up to 80% of the value of collateral.
  • Approval of your application occurs within half an hour from the moment of its submission.
  • The interest rate on the loan is 1.5% per month. You can easily calculate the amount of interest online on our website using a loan calculator.
  • We provide a free assessment of collateral.
  • Loan terms – up to 10 years.  
  • The loan amount depends on your collateral, it can reach 30 million dollar.

At the same time, we are not interested in your credit history, and this allows you to take a loan without failure even to those who previously had problems with lending.